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Mark Wilson's Hall of Magic at the '64/'65 New York World's Fair:

In 1960, Mark Wilson became the first magician to have his own network TV Series.  It ran for a total of 5 years, 2 on CBS and 3 on ABC.  By 1963, Mark Wilson was clearly the most famous magician in the USA.  He had been seen by more people than watched Houdini in his entire career.  So it was no surprise when Mark was approached in 1963 to create a magical production for the General Cigar Pavilion at the 1964/65 New York World's Fair.

What followed is a truly amazing story.  Wilson and his TV show creative team set out to make one of the most advanced magic shows ever designed.  Discover, on this site, what happened, and how the end result became one of the top 10 highest rated productions at the Fair, along side all those big Disney venues.

Mark's Hall of Magic blazed a trail for the modern magic you see today, influencing the likes of David Copperfield, and many other success stories that were inspired by this show.

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The Magic at the New York World's Fair

The Incredible Story of  the '64/'65 NY World's Fair Hall of Magic, with Newly Discovered Archive Photos, Documents, & Treasures!

A few years ago, Bill Schmeelk wrote a fantastic article called, "The Magic at the New York World's Fair" for Stan Allen's MAGIC Magazine.  Created and Produced by Mark Wilson for General Cigar.  Greg Wilson, the curator of the Mark & Nani Wilson Archives, just added his extensive research to this article on this website. You are welcome to click below and read the article.  But if you join the Fan Club, by clicking the "Join Now" button you will unlock exclusive "Member's Only" content from Greg's substantial discoveries.  See it all now, Free!

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The Only Professional Film of Mark Wilson's Hall of Magic Show!

This Streaming Video Rental is the digitized film of Mark Wilson, himself, performing the show at the Hall of Magic in 1964.  The show that millions of people watched!  It's an amazing trip back in time to the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair. This is the first time it's available for Streaming online!  Click below to Rent it. Watch it for yourself!  Access is for seven days (one week) for only $7.  Visit the Hall of Magic virtually... Start it NOW! (Also for sale on DVD with a Bonus gift).

See the recently discovered Original Production's  Photos, Storyboards, and Proposal!

This Member's Only access can be easily viewed if you join the FREE Fan Club.  This EXCLUSIVE release includes the Original Proposal for the show, with the artist renderings Storyboards, and Photos from the ONLY TIME THE SET WAS TESTED! The concept was a trailblazing NEW type of entertainment to compete with the massive Disney attractions.  But Mark and his team's imagination was beyond the technology of the time.  Even after spending so much money and time... This production had to be abandoned a short time before the Fair was to open.  

Now you can read and see their amazing original concept for the first time in nearly 60 years.  Join the Fan Club and Click the link below!  The "future" awaits...

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Photo by Irving Desfor c.1963 at Fair Offices

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