NYWF Hall of Magic 1964 Flyer

Original "General Cigar's Hall of Magic" Flyer

These original Flyers from the General Cigar "Hall of Magic" Pavilion are in MINT condition.  It unfolds to a large 16" by 19" page.  Inside are fun advertising images for the attraction, including all the various things to see in the building.  The fair map and other features are cool to share.  They have been stored flat in a box, in the warehouse for nearly 60 years!  No warping or abrasions, just the aging of paper as you would expect.   You can add this fun memory and real piece of history to your collection.  Get two, so you can show one to your friends, and keep the other in pristine condition as historic memorabilia.  Get yours now while they last!

A beautiful very well preserved piece of New York World's Fair history...
Advertisements about the attraction...
Carefully stored, as New-Old-Stock...
Boxed and saved for nearly 60 years!  Amazing Condition!!!

This piece of NYWF History can be yours for only $14.95 +S&H
While we still have some.  Once they are gone, they're gone!