Original Show Concept 1

Mark Wilson's Original "Hall of Magic" Show Concept

Enjoy exploring these illuminating discoveries!  

I'm Greg Wilson, and I'm so happy to be able to share this interactive production with Live Stage Performers - Projected Film - & Magical Special Effects, an incredible vision from a time when this kind of entertainment was groundbreaking.  My father, Mark Wilson, often told me that if he had the technology available today, he would have done so much more.  His dream was beyond his reach at that time.  The New York World's Fair was all about the future, and Mark was clearly aiming for it.   I'm happy to know that he did perfect and exploit all kinds of "film to life" interactive magic in the following years.  Including getting patents for the most innovative creations.

Below you will find the original proposal script.  The original set design hand drawing.  There are also photos from the only time the entire original set was assembled for testing.  I'm also quite excited to share with you the full show storyboards!  

Bring the show alive through the magic of your imagination, like I do.  From these never before released discoveries, you can put the whole show together and see it the way Mark saw it.  

It's all free to look at if you join the "Fan Club".  

Happy Magic!

Greg Wilson

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