NYWF Hall of Magic – Magic Trick – Postcard

Original 1964 New York World's Fair, Mark Wilson's "Hall of Magic" accordion-style Postcard!

This original vintage postcard was created by Mark Wilson for The General Cigar "Hall of Magic" at the New York World's Fair.  We found a few of them in a box in Mark's collection, and now we are making them available for you.  This postcard was actually from the '65/'65 Fair,   You can add this fun memory and real piece of history to your collection.  Get two, so you can break one up to do the magic, and keep the other as historic memorabilia.  Get yours now while they last!

Inside the Postcard you will find Mark Wilson's fun and easy to do Magic...
The Dollar Bill and Ice Cube Challenge, The Mystery Picture,
Push a Quarter thru a Hole the Size of a Dime, The Knot in the Handkerchief,
See Through Your Hand, The Magical Hat, The Mysterious Circles,
The Sign is Quicker than the Eye, The Rising Cigar, 5 plus 6 equals NINE?

This piece of NYWF History can be yours for only $4.95 +S&H
While we still have some.  Once they are gone, they're gone!