Original Show Concept 3

Mark Wilson's Original "Hall of Magic" Show Concept

Welcome to the Original Set design and photos:

Not seen for decades, these slides were stowed away and never viewed since they were taken... UNTIL NOW!  

The hand drawn set design was turned into this beautiful set, and according to John Gaughan, all the magical elements of the set WORKED!  The film part was some of the reason that it was stopped at this point.  What we have photographed here is the last moment that this original concept was being developed.  Right after this they had to QUICKLY create the show that was actually installed and ran for the two years of the fair.

Bring the show alive through the magic of your imagination, like I do.  From these never before released discoveries, you can put the whole show together and see it the way Mark saw it.  

It's all free to look at if you join the "Fan Club".  

Happy Magic!

Greg Wilson

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