Original Show Concept 2

Mark Wilson's Original "Hall of Magic" Storyboards

Welcome to Part 2, The Storyboards:

Below you can enjoy the first set of Storyboards for the Original Show Concept.  These helped everyone on the team, including the sponsor, General Cigar, to understand the incredible vision that Mark Wilson and his creative magicians had for the production.

I suggest opening the Proposal Script in another window, so you can read the story, and look at the drawings at the same time.  

Just imagine yourself back in 1963, and all of this is new uses of film and new magic.  Although video walls and interactive technology are commonplace now, back then it was quite a groundbreaking concept.

Bring the show alive through the magic of your imagination, like I do.  From these never before released discoveries, you can put the whole show together and see it the way Mark saw it.  

It's all free to look at if you join the "Fan Club".  

Happy Magic!

Greg Wilson

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